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Valentine's Pre-Orders

please name selections on the "contact me" form

cookies for all occasions

 Everything is handmade from scratch in my home kitchen using only quality, organic ingredients.

I lovingly dedicate  thought and care into each design to ensure you're getting something personal for your special day. 

Let's get cookie-ing!

My Process


Day 1

Design Day! 

Keeping your requests in mind, I sketch out ideas for your cookie sets. This is also when I plan your colors and set the schedule to ensure your cookies are fresh and ready for your pick up date!


Day 2

Dough Day!

I put on my trusty apron and let the flour fly as I prepare the dough you requested.** 

After all that mixing, the dough gets real stressed out and needs to chill and relax overnight in the fridge. Good job, buddy, you worked hard! 

**see the info page for flavor options


Day 3

Flood Day!

Today, I cut out your desired shapes, re-chill the cute cut outs, bake (whilst enjoying the aroma), prepare the royal icing and finally, FLOOD. This means I apply the background color(s) to your cookies. That needs to dry, so these bad boys are then wrapped and left to dry overnight.


Day 4

Detail Day!

My favorite day. Today is when I get all your piping colors prepped and get to work to bring your edible artwork to life! This usually takes me the majority of the day. Have I mentioned I'm a perfectionist? 


Day 5

Packaging Day!

Your cookies are ready for packaging! Hooray! All cookies are heat sealed for freshness and placed into eco-friendly pastry boxes with some fun trimmings. Your artful treats are ready for you to take them home.